I am very much happy to lose 6kg weight in 10 days. Thanks to aiwo team.
- Mrs. Thavamani (36yrs/F)

Total weight loss: 6Kg (From 96.1 Kg to 90.8 Kg) [11/03/2013 - 22/03/2013]

1st cycle:
I was comfortable and I didn’t feel burden of the bag. I had severe hunger. Overall I have gained confidence to loose weight. It’s Seems to be good. I shall continue this treatment. Good .thanks
3rd cycle:
I have reduced nearly 18 kg in 3 sittings. I feel it is fine only hunger is not able to bear. Otherwise ok. You have to redesign the bag to which will be very friendly to shoulder. Overall it is fine. People treating me here are very good.
Thanks to ken.
- Mr. Anantha Narayanan (58yrs/M)

Total weight loss: 21Kg (From 125.6 Kg to 104.6 Kg) [04/03/2013 - 17/05/2013]

Even though I felt difficult for not taking eating for the past 10days. Now I felt happy for losing nearly six kilogram of weight. This treatment was very good and effective
- Mrs. Geetha mohan (40yrs/F)

Total weight loss: 6Kg (From 98.6 Kg to 92.6 Kg) [27/02/2013 - 08/03/2013]

I was in two minds to get ken but once I got it done i knew it was for my own good and i am going to feel better, this is pushed me to get the next cycle that how I feel. I lost 11.9 kg in two cycles.
- Mrs. Gayathri (41yrs/F)

Total weight loss: 11.9Kg (From 95.3 Kg to 87.2 Kg) [24/02/2013 - 19/03/2013]

I feel really satisfied with your service and your kind of treatment. May god help you to increase your care and services towards obese people in future? Will surely recommend others in future. I have lost 5kg in one cycle.
- Mrs. Fariha (42yrs/F)

Total weight loss: 5Kg (From 70.1 Kg to 65.1 Kg) [18/02/2013 - 28/02/2013]

I have lost 6.2 kg in 10 days . This treatment is fantastic.I would only request you to change the bag design.
- Mr. Praveen Chand Nahar

Total weight loss: 6.2 Kg (From 101.1 Kg to 94.9 Kg) [12/02/2013 - 21/02/2013]

Happy to complete the treatment with a good result.
- Mr. Rajkumar

Total weight loss: 5.2 Kg (From 85 Kg to 79.8 Kg) [10/02/2013 - 20/02/2013]

I lost 12.1 kg in 2 cycles and 4kg through diet. I am happy with the treatment. The service is good overall. Try to change the tube hanging out with clip so that it does not accidentally get struck. I took two cycles of ken treatment
- Mr. Prasad Babu

Total weight loss: 15.2 Kg (From 95.6 Kg to 80.4 Kg) [27/11/2013 - 14/02/2013]

Lost 4.5 kg (fat alone 4kg). I felt very happy am looking forward to continue this rx. I want to reduce up to 75kg. - Mrs. Sujatha Alagarasan

Weight reduced from 95.1 Kg to 90.6 Kg in KEN cycle [04/02/2012 - 13/02/2012]

I am very happy to wear T-shirts. I am visualizing my weight below 100kg. Looking forward to do another cycle. Thanks to aiwo ken. I took four cycles of ken treatment - Mr. Nandha Gopal

Total weight loss: 22.2 Kg (From 135.60 Kg to 113.4 Kg) [19/08/2012 - 09/02/2013]

I have lost 5.7kg in 10 days. I feel comfortable with this rx.
Thanks to ken. - Mrs. Sureka

Weight reduced from 68.7 Kg to 63.0 Kg in KEN cycle [24/01/2012 - 03/02/2012]

I feel very better after ken. I took three cycles of ken treatment and overall excellent service. Total weight loss 25.3kg. I feel very energetic in 3rd cycles. But i have hungry sometime. I feel very young through this rx. Thanks to aiwo team. - Mrs. Amutha

Total weight loss: 22.8 Kg (From 118.30 Kg to 95.5 Kg) [19/09/2012 - 02/02/2013]

Actually without any confidence about this procedure i have taken. But the results were amazing.guy this is a magic, I am really happy. Thanks to aiwo team. - Mr. Parthiban

Weight reduced from 115.2 Kg to 108.7 Kg in KEN cycle [23/01/2012 - 30/01/2012]

I feel very light and comfortable. My waist size has become reduced. Expected weight loss is 10 kg but lost 4.3 kg in 10 days. Overall good tretment. - Mrs. Shakila

Weight reduced from 100.1 Kg to 96.6 Kg in KEN cycle [10/01/2012 - 21/01/2012]

I have undergone two cycles. Lost 10.5 kg. Feeling very comfortable and happy. 5 inches of my hip size has reduced through ken. My blood pressure and sugar levels are under control after ken treatment. Thanks to aiwo team. - Mr. Ravichandran

Total weight loss: 10.5 Kg (From 103.5 Kg to 93 Kg) [02/11/2012 - 19/01/2013]

Feeling comfortable after ken therapy. I lost 5.9kg in one cycle of ken therapy. I am feeling happy. Looking forward for my second cycle - Mrs. Nirmala Devi

Weight reduced from 102.2 Kg to 96.3 Kg in KEN cycle [09/01/2012 - 18/01/2012]

I lost 4.3kgs in 5 days. Feeling light and comfortable. - Miss. Rayane Radhikaa

Total weight loss: 4.3 Kg (From 90.0 Kg to 85.7 Kg) [19/12/2012 - 17/01/2013]

Totally lost 15kgs in 2 cycles. Was feeling a little bit tired otherwise was comfortable. - Mr. Vinoth Kumar

Total weight loss: 14.1 Kg (From 156 Kg to 141.9 Kg) [19/12/2012 - 15/01/2013]

I have lost 10.25 kg from my total weight. I underwent four cycles of ken. I feel fantastic; energy levels have increased, due to my current weight loss i am confident outside as well as inside. My sugar level also under control after ken (before ken-224mg/dl; after ken 101mg/dl). Thank you everyone for helping to go this ken treatment.- Mrs. Hemalatha Dhanusu

Total weight loss: 10.25 Kg (From 98.75 Kg to 88.5 Kg) [30/08/2012 - 13/01/2013]

I lost 6kgs in 10days. I usually feel very tired and bulky. But now i feel very energetic. My bp is controlled. I feel very much benefited from this cycle. - Mr. Manikandan

Total weight loss: 5.4 Kg (From 95.7 Kg to 90.3 Kg) [03/01/2012 - 12/01/2013]

I lost 6.6kg in 8 days. Really happy to see me lose weight and well organized staffs to keep me updated with my queries. Thanks and good luck for the further service. - Ms. Akilandeswari

Total weight loss: 6.6 Kg (From 99.3 Kg to 92.7 Kg) [03/01/2012 - 10/01/2013]

I lost 7.4kgs in 10days. Ken treatment is a completely new method and very interesting. From my family, we are almost 3-4 members who have taken up ken treatment from salem. We are really impressed with the outcome of the ken treatment. We may also go for a second round of ken treatment. Thanks to aiwo team for your brilliant services. - Mr. SRM. Prabhu

Weight reduced from 111 Kg to 103.6 Kg in KEN cycle [30/12/2012 - 10/01/2013]

I have undergone 2 cycles of ken, totally lost 10.2 kg in 2cycles. Very comfortable with this treatment and overall the service is good. - Mrs. Vanitha

Total weight loss: 6.5 Kg (From 82.6 Kg to 76.1 Kg) [20/11/2012 - 10/01/2013]

Lost 4.4kgs in 10 days. Overall services and kind guidance is really good. Have to alter the bag. Food bag needs a grip in the middle so that the tube will not fold and there won’t be air-formation. - Ms. Dhurga Devi

Weight reduced from 63.7 Kg to 59.3 Kg in KEN cycle [26/12/2012 - 05/01/2013]

I have taken 2cycles of ken treatment through that lost 4.5kg in which maximum fat mass. Overall i have seen a great change in myself. I have dropped one dress size and feel better every day. I took careful attention towards food intake. Thanks aiwo ken. - Mrs. Joan Chan

Total weight loss: 4.5 Kg (From 78.1 Kg to 73.6 Kg) [06/12/2012 - 04/01/2013]

It is very good and enjoyed. Secondly, it is helping to maintain good health condition. I am comfortable taking this treatment. Lost 5.7kgs in 7 days. - Mr. Selvam

Weight reduced from 88.6 Kg to 82.9 Kg in KEN cycle [24/12/2012 - 31/12/2012]

Lost 6.8kgs in 9 days. Im very much happy that i have lost weight in short period of time. Will come back for the next cycle since my sugar levels are high. - Mr. Sivakumar

Weight reduced from 103.2 Kg to 96.4 Kg in KEN cycle [22/12/2012 - 31/12/2012]

Ken treatment has really made me confident and gives me control over my body. My waist has reduced by 2 inches. I lost good amount of fat around waist. I lost 3.5kg over 7 days. - Mr. Senthil Kumar

Total weight loss: 13.5 Kg (From 74.8 Kg to 71.3 Kg) [22/12/2012 - 29/12/2013]

Try and add some more liquid choices to the diet while on cycle. Lost 2.8kgs in 8 days in which 2kgs was lost only in fat. - Mrs. Subhashini

Total weight loss: 2.8 Kg (From 72.7 Kg to 69.9 Kg) [21/12/2012 - 28/12/2013]

Overall i am satisfied with my weight reduction. It would be great if tablets and syrup used instead of nasogastric tube. Totally lost 9.2kgs - Mr. Shahul Hameed

Weight reduced from 119.8 Kg to 110.6 Kg in KEN cycle [18/12/2012 - 28/12/2012]

I have taken 2 cycles of ken. The treatment is very much satisfactory. Though the total weight loss was not as expected in 1st cycle, it was good comparing the short duration. But in 2nd cycle i lost 5.2kgs in 5 days. Overall lost 14.25kg in 2 cycles. - Ms. Priyadharshini

Total weight loss: 14.25 Kg (From 113.05 Kg to 98.8 Kg) [04/09/2012 - 28/12/2013]

This is been very useful to me for reducing my weight. Totally lost 5.4kgs in 6 days. - Mr. Vignesh

Weight reduced from 112.1 Kg to 106.7 Kg in KEN cycle [21/12/2012 - 27/12/2012]

Easy way to shed weight without any side effects. Totally lost 3.5kgs in 7 days. One of the safest and best ways to lose weight. - Ms. Aishwarya .S

Total weight loss: 3.5 Kg (From 61.9 Kg to 58.4 Kg) [20/12/2012 - 27/12/2012]

The treatment is very fine and I feel very happy to reduce the weight. Total weight loss 4.7kgs in 8 days- Mr.Balaji .S

Total weight loss: 4.7 Kg (From 79.2 Kg to 74.5 Kg) [19/12/2012 - 27/12/2012]

It was very helpful and I’m very happy losing my weight very rapidly. Totally lost 5.2kgs in 8 days. - Ms. Swathi .S

Weight reduced from 76.1 Kg to 71.3 Kg in KEN cycle [19/12/2012 - 27/12/2012]

Totally lost 4kgs. A helpful weight loss program, ideal for all. - Dr. Inara

Weight reduced from 97.3 Kg to 93.3 Kg in KEN cycle [13/12/2012 - 22/12/2012]

Totally lost 4.8kgs. I am very comfortable with the treatment. Looking to get slim soon with ken treatment. - Ms. Devambikai

Total weight loss: 4.8 Kg (From 88.3 Kg to 83.5 Kg) [13/12/2012 - 22/12/2012]

Very Good Program. Totally Lost 9.3kgs. I Am Looking Forward To Come For Another Cycle In Next 10 Days - Mr. Dhanashekaran

Total weight loss: 9.3 Kg (From 157.6 Kg to 148.3 Kg) [12/12/2012 - 21/12/2012]

It was a grand experience. Needed discipline which i got due to daily loss of weight. I wish all the best for your team. Lost 6.7kg in 10 days. - Mr.Madanlal Nahar

Total weight loss: 6.7 Kg (From 85.5 Kg to 77.8 Kg) [11/12/2012 - 21/12/2012]

Ken therapy is very close to the natural process, with fewer side effects. This therapy demands nothing but just a willingness and determination to lose weight. It’s a good product giving excellent results. I lost 4.6kg in 10 days. - Mr. Masilamani

Weight reduced from 87.1 Kg to 82.5 Kg in KEN cycle [09/12/2012 - 19/12/2012]

Helped me reduce kilos and inches within a very short span.made me a little more confident about myself. Totally lost 4.1kg in 6 days. - Ms. Sameeha Mehta

Total weight loss: 4.1 Kg (From 73.4 Kg to 69.5 Kg) [10/12/2012 - 16/12/2012]

I underwent a ken cycle and lost 6.3kg in 8 days. I am happy with the weight loss, service and client care is good here. I was very comfortable with the treatment.- Dr. Shalini

Weight reduced from 93.3 Kg to 87.0 Kg in KEN cycle [06/12/2012 - 14/12/2012]

Total weight loss is 4.5kg in 7 days. I am happy about the whole process, in total a rewarding effort. - Mr.Suresh Karunaa

Weight reduced from 72.1 Kg to 67.6 Kg in KEN cycle [04/12/2012 - 12/12/2012]

I lost total of 6.9kg. I took one cycle of ken treatment. Feeling good after ken treatment. - Mr. Mohammed Arief

Total weight loss: 6.9 Kg (From 98.9 Kg to 92 Kg) [24/11/2012 - 04/12/2012]

Feeling comfortable with ken treatment. Lost total of 5.1kg from my weight. Took one cycle of ken treatment- Mr.V. Pankaj

Total weight loss: 5.1 Kg (From 106 Kg to 100.90 Kg) [22/11/2012 - 02/12/2012]

Overall experience and service is very good. I feel healthy after 10 days. I underwent two cycles of ken treatment. Total weight loss is 11.85kg. - Mr. V.Shivakumar

Total weight loss: 11.85 Kg (From 104.15 Kg to 92.3 Kg) [01/09/2012 - 30/11/2012]

The experience has been very great and has given me motivation to lose weight and maintain a healthy life. This is a great product and will recommend to all my friends and relatives. Thanks to aiwo ken. Took one cycle of ken treatment. Total weight loss is 8.8kg. - Mr. Palanivel Muthuvel

Total weight loss: 8.8 Kg (From 112.40 Kg to 103.60 Kg) [20/11/2012 - 29/11/2012]

I am M. Seetharaman age 44yrs underwent ken weight reduction treatment (two cycles). I am feeling better now. No tired. Feeling very energetic. My heartiest thanks to ken and supporting doctors. Looking forward another ken cycle very soon to reduce weight. Total weight loss 16.45kg.-Mr. M.Seetharaman

Weight reduced from 102.45 Kg to 86 Kg in KEN cycle [19/08/2012 - 27/11/2012]

Total weight loss after this cycle is 4.9kg.i feel very happy for this treatment, my body weight very good improvement. Really i feel very happy. I took one cycle of ken treatment. - Mr. Thillai Natarajan

Total weight loss: 4.9 Kg (From 82.4 Kg to 77.5 Kg) [17/11/2012 - 26/11/2012]

Total 8.4 kg weight loss. I took one cycle of ken treatment. Feeling comfortable. I am really happy with this treatment.- Mr. R. Chitti Babu

Weight reduced from 99.1 Kg to 91.5 Kg in KEN cycle [17/11/2012 - 26/11/2012]

Feeling comfortable after ken treatment. Took one cycle of ken treatment. Total weight loss 5.1kg - Mrs. Vijyalakshmi

Total weight loss: 5.1 Kg (From 77.4 Kg to 72.6 Kg) [17/11/2012 - 26/11/2012]

I have had difficulty reducing my weight before. This is one of the best ways that i have reduced my weight. The treatment is painless and worth the 10days of food, especially when the results are visible. Total weight loss 7.5kg. I underwent one cycle of ken treatment. - Mr. Karthik Krishnan

Weight reduced from 103.3 Kg to 95.8 Kg in KEN cycle [15/11/2012 - 25/11/2012]

It is a good treatment, feeling comfortable after 10days. Service of aiwo staff was good. Total weight loss 6 kg. I took one cycle of ken treatment. - Mr.K. Kuppan

Total weight loss: 6.0 Kg (From 87.1 Kg to 81.1 Kg) [16/11/2012 - 23/11/2012]

I Am Feeling Good After Ken Treatment. I Have Lost 7.5kg During This First Cycle. I Took One Cycle Of Ken Treatment. Planning To Take Another Cycle.- Mrs.P. Saipriya

Weight reduced from 77.8 Kg to 70.3 Kg in KEN cycle [11/11/2012 - 20/11/2012]

I came to know about the aiwo KEN Treatment, which gives better result for not only weight loss but also it controls blood sugar and blood pressure. My total weight loss through this ken treatment was 13kgs in just 2 sittings. During this treatment I was able to do all my routine works without any difficulties and also felt comfortable. I was also having sugar complaint; my blood sugar level was 122/196 and taking the medicine for the past 2 years. Now, my blood sugar level is 100/121 without taking any medicine. So, my blood sugar level is also under control. Now I get more interested to take further few more sittings to reach my ideal weight. I am really very happy about ken treatment and thanks to Aiwo team for their excellent 24 X 7 service support all their clients. - Mr. Kirubakar

Total weight loss: 13.1 Kg (From 109.4 Kg to 96.3 Kg) [04/10/2012 - 12/11/2012]

Feeling very active after this ken treatment. Feeling very happy after this.i took three cycles of ken treatment. Lost 15 kg of total weight. - Mr. Devendra Raju

Weight reduced from 118.8 Kg to 103.8 Kg in KEN cycle [22/08/2012 - 04/11/2012]

Feeling comfortable after ken treatment. I took two cycles of ken treatment. Total weight loss 9.35kg. - Mr. Sathish Kumar

Weight reduced from 110.5 Kg to 100.70 Kg in KEN cycle [19/08/2012 - 13/10/2012]

My name is Bhuvaneswari. I underwent KEN cycle 10 days. Before Ken I was 85kg weight and after Ken 78 kg weights. On 3rd day I felt sever hunger and thought to discontinue. But as per doctor’s advice I continued the treatment and now I feel comfortable, walking very easily and also my skin looks shiny. After 10th day I am following the maintenance diet and through that reduced 1kg/day. - G.Bhuvaneswari

Weight reduced from 85 Kg to 78 Kg in KEN cycle [28/08/2012 - 05/09/2012]

I am very much happy after reducing 6kg in 6 days and feel very active. In my experience, no one can lose weight so easily without any side effects than this treatment. Thanks to AIWO. - D.Jayarajan

Weight reduced from 117.4 Kg to 113.2 Kg in KEN cycle [22/08/2012 - 30/08/2012]

I was 102.05 on 19.08.2012. When I completed the cycle on 29.08.2012, I was 92.75. My weight reduction really gives me a feeling of great achievement, which I felt I can’t.

The only discomfort I had while the cycle is mild hunger feeling. - R.Murugavel

Weight reduced from 102.05 Kg to 92.75 Kg in KEN cycle [19/08/2012 - 29/08/2012]

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