100% Pure C8 MCT Keto Oil | Pure Caprylic Acid Oil | 3X More Ketones Than Plain MCT Oil

(10 customer reviews)


100% Pure C8 MCT Keto Oil | Pure Caprylic Acid Oil | 3X More Ketones Than Plain MCT Oil


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(10 customer reviews)
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Customer Reviews


keto diet weight loss

Supports Weight Loss

C8 MCT Oil has been shown to improve the body's ability to use stored body fat as fuel.

Ketosis: brain fuel

Better Brain Health

C8 produces 3X more ketones than MCT oil. Ketones are a great alternative to glucose as brain fuel.

C8 MCT oil for workout

Boosts Workout

C8 MCT oil forms ketones, which produce energy faster, and more efficiently than glucose.

C8 oil gut health

Improves Gut Health

C8 oil boosts growth of "good bacteria" and reduces "bad bacteria", improving gut health.

C8 oil ketosis

Best Oil For Ketosis

C8 oil helps to achieve ketosis faster. C8 oil produces 3X more ketones 14 times faster than regular MCT oil.

C8 oil suppresses craving

Suppresses Cravings

C8 MCT (caprylic acid) increases secretion of hormones that are known to increase satiety and suppress cravings.

Why C8 MCT Oil?

MCT oil contains C6, C8, C10, and C12 components. The C8 component produces the most amount of ketones in the body, and C12 produces the least. Hence experts prefer the C8 MCT oil.

Coconut oil can be used for cooking. MCT oil is used in keto/bulletproof coffee. However, the new, concentrated C8 oil can be used with any hot or cold beverages to maximize ketosis.

Coconut oil has only 7% of the C8 form of medium chain triglycerides. MCT oils have around 60-70% C8. Pure c8 oil has 100% C8 and is ideal for producing more ketones, faster.

What Are MCTs?

MCTs or Medium Chain Triglycerides are fatty acids which are metabolized faster and more efficiently than carbohydrates to produce energy. MCTs are easily converted into ketones.

Due to their medium carbon chain length, MCTs can bypass the gut and travel directly to the liver to be converted into ketones. MCTs are a preferred fuel for those on a low-carb diet.

MCTs produce ketones which are an alternative energy source for the body. A state of ketosis means, your body is using fat as fuel rather than glucose. MCTs can help in enhancing ketosis.

How To Use C8 Oil

C8 MCT oil has low viscosity, is odorless and tasteless. It blends easily with hot and cold beverages. It can be taken with coffee, smoothies, shakes and other beverages.

When consumed on an empty stomach (overnight fasting), it can boost your ketone levels by as much as 50%, wḥich enhances the state of ketosis. C8 oil is widely used for this purpose.

It can be used prior to exercise. Once glycogen stores are depleted, the body starts to utilize fat reserves (fats to ketones). C8 oil augments the ketones produced by the body during exercise.


For two main reasons. Firstly, C8 MCT oil contains 100% C8 or caprylic acid, which is the most beneficial MCT.  Secondly, C8 oil does not have other types of MCTs like lauric acid, which is not as efficiently metabolized as C8 MCT.

Coconut oil has only 7% C8 MCT. Nearly 50% of coconut oil consists of C12 MCT or lauric acid, which is the slowest converting MCT. Coconut oil also contains C6 MCT which has an unfavorable taste and causes a burning sensation in the throat. Hence it cannot blende with foods in your daily diet.

C8 MCT oil is well tolerated. Some individuals might experience nausea and diarrhea. If so, they can start with smaller doses and build up the tolerance.

AIWO’s 100% pure C8 MCT oil is a 500 ml pack.

C8 MCT has been shown to aid digestion by improving gut health by promoting the growth of “good bacteria”. It’s antifungal properties have been shown to be effective in fighting Candida infections. Moreover, the anti-bacterial effects of C8 MCT protects skin health, escpecially for conditions like acne. Since C8 MCT metabolizes to ketones instead of glucose, this decreases blood sugar levels.

10 reviews for 100% Pure C8 MCT Keto Oil | Pure Caprylic Acid Oil | 3X More Ketones Than Plain MCT Oil

  1. Manjeet Daggar

    It’s pure mct, gets digested quickly, and provides mild ketosis after taking. It’s tasteless, I use it to make bullet coffee and after workout protein shakes. Highly recommend.

  2. Aiden

    Great product. This is my third bottle. I don’t think I can ever stop buying this.

  3. David Sheldon

    If you are into keto lifestyle, then C8 is the right oil for you. I wasted a lot of money trying general MCT oils. Pure C8 oil is a must have for keto diet to convert into ketones.

  4. Kitty

    I stumbled upon this product quite by accident and I am so glad that I did! After using this product, I can find visible changes in my energy levels. Highly recommend.

  5. Ruhi Chawla

    Very good product. Heard about C8 oil and this company from a friend. I feel active throughout the day and my mental fatigue has reduced. Will be buying these regularly from now on.

  6. Thomas

    Great product! Great service! I have tried many brands for C8 oil, this company has by far been my best experience. Keep up the good work guys!

  7. Priya Verma

    If you were using coconut oil before, like me, I suggest that you switch to C8 oil. It is easier to use, and I don’t feel nauseous after taking this.

  8. Ananth Gulati

    Highly recommended. At first the whole idea of C8 MCT oil seemed too good to be true. But looks like the effects are true. I have used it consistently for 3 months before writing this review. So take it from me: DO NOT MISS THIS!

  9. Adi Shah

    My energy levels were definitely higher whenever I took this product with my coffee. On the days that I did not I slumped back to my tiredness. I definitely recommend this product, more so if you are an avid fitness freak like me.

  10. Aarohi Sharma

    I started using C8 oil after using plain MCT oil for a long time with out any results. Then I realized from AIWO’s clear description, that C8 oil is a pure form of coconut oil and MCT oil. So I tried this, and the results are great. I used only about 3-4 teaspoons everyday so one bottle came for at at least 3 months. Worthy investment. I will keep buying this product.

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