AIWO MYOSITO PLUS FOLIC Inositol 1000mg and Folic acid 200mcg | 100 tablets

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Brand: AIWO Health

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Myosito plus folic acid combination improves reproductive health in women, especially in treatment of PCOS.

AIWO MYOSITO PLUS FOLIC is a combination of Inositol 1000mg and Folic acid 200mcg. Inositol is a vitamin B -like substance and Folate is Vitamin B9.


  •    In PCOS improves fertility
  •    Lowers blood cholesterol 
  •     Prevents Plaque buildup and arteriosclerosis
  •     Prevents neural tube defects
  •     Prevents and treats Eczema


  •    Improves HDL 
  •   Improves nerve degeneration
  •   Strong healthy hair and Glowing skin