AIWO 77 Essential Blood Biomarkers Profile

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Detect early deficiencies, prevent unusual symptoms, increase your productivity by improving your health.


Avoid Fatigue

Detect iron deficiency early, prevent fatigue, increase your productivity by increasing your iron intake.

Weight Management

Aside from diet there are several internal factors that play a role in weight management.

Blood Sugar

A healthy blood sugar level is essential for good health and for preventing metabolic conditions.

Healthy Lifestyle

Manage your food and lifestyle choices based on your body requirements and take proactive actions.

Healthy Sleep

Detect internal imbalance, compensate with healthy diet and lifestyle choices, and have a good sleep.

Improve Immunity

Maintaining a healthy biochemical balance can boost your immunity and maintain overall health.

Why Take A Blood Biomarker profile?

Preventive maintenance of your body will ensure that your system has all the raw materials that it needs to function well.

This comprehensive 77 biomarker blood profile covers the essentials and ensures you're doing more than just kicking the tyres when it comes to your health.

What Is Covered In The Package?

Cholesterol check, Complete Blood Check, Cardiac Risk Check, Vitamins profile, Thyroid profile, Diabetes profile, Iron profile, Liver Check, Kidneys Check, Pancreas Check, Electrolytes Check.


  • Yes, 10-12 hours of fasting is needed for this profile.

  • No. A professional phlebotomist will visit you at your home and collect the samples at your convenience.