AIWO MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) 500 ml

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Manage your diet and fitness perfectly with pure MCT oil Improves brain health and mental clarity.


Fitness Management

MCT Oil has been shown to improve the body's ability to use stored body fat as a fuel.

Brain Health

MCT Oil has been shown to provide mental clarity. Ketones are a great alternative to glucose as brain fuel.

Gut Health

MCT oil helps boosts growth of "good bacteria" and reduces "bad bacteria", improving gut health.

Boosts Workout

MCT oil forms ketones, which helps produce energy faster, and more efficiently than glucose.

Best Oil For Ketosis

MCT oil helps to achieve optimal ketosis. Add MCT oil to your keto diet, and enhance your ketosis.

Suppresses Cravings

MCT oil increases secretion of hormones that are known to increase satiety.

Why MCT Oil?

MCT oil contains C6, C8, C10, and C12 components. The C8 component produces the most amount of ketones in the body, and C12 produces the least. Hence experts prefer the C8 MCT oil.

Coconut oil can be used for cooking. MCT oil is used in keto/bulletproof coffee. However, the new, concentrated C8 oil can be used with any hot or cold beverages to maximize ketosis.

MCTs produce ketones which are an alternative energy source for the body. A state of ketosis means, your body is using fat as fuel rather than glucose. MCTs can help in enhancing ketosis.

What Are MCTs?

MCTs or Medium Chain Triglycerides are fatty acids which are metabolized faster and more efficiently than carbohydrates to produce energy. MCTs are easily converted into ketones.

Due to their medium carbon chain length, MCTs can bypass the gut and travel directly to the liver to be converted into ketones. MCTs are a preferred fuel for those on a low-carb diet.

MCTs produce ketones which are an alternative energy source for the body. A state of ketosis means, your body is using fat as fuel rather than glucose. MCTs can help in enhancing ketosis.

How To Use MCT Oil?

MCT oil can be easily included in your daily diet. Since it is tasteless, it blends with coffee, salad dressing, and workout smoothies.


  • Coconut oil has only 7% C8 MCT. Nearly 50% of coconut oil consists of C12 MCT or lauric acid, which is the slowest converting MCT. Coconut oil also contains C6 MCT which has an unfavorable taste and causes a burning sensation in the throat. Hence it cannot blende with foods in your daily diet.

  • MCT oil is well tolerated. Some individuals might experience nausea and diarrhea. If so, they can start with smaller doses and build up the tolerance.

  • AIWO’s MCT oil is a 500 ml pack.

  • MCT has been shown to aid digestion by improving gut health by promoting the growth of “good bacteria”. It’s antifungal properties have been shown to be effective in fighting Candida infections. Moreover, the antibacterial effects of MCT protects skin health, especially for conditions like acne. Since C8 MCT metabolizes to ketones instead of glucose, this decreases blood sugar levels.

Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend

Great product. Highly recommend. Absolutely worth the money.

Highly recommend

Go for it. This is one of the best food products that I have ever bought. I am on my 4th bottle and I feel absolutely wonderful.


I wish the bottle lasted longer. Great product. Highly recommend.

Unexpectedly great

I wanted to try MCT oil first before going into a keto diet. I can't believe the results...I feel so light, fresh, and awake all day! My productivity at work has gone up so much after I started this.

Superb Product

It was received with good package. And product seems to be super good after consuming it. Ordered this tab after doctor’s recommendation.