About AIWO

AIWO is a Japanese word which translates as Love Thyself. AIWO is a revolutionary health concept centred around empowering individuals to reverse metabolic disease and to achieve peak performance and health.

Why self wellbeing?


of all health conditions

attributed to metabolic malfunctions


of deaths

are caused by preventable chronic health conditions


of diabetes

is preventable

Understanding self

A Wellbeing Journey

Millions of individuals – young and old, can significantly enhance their present state of physical and mental health. AIWO’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve the best of health and wellbeing. AIWO enables individuals with knowledge about their health and the tools to achieve peak physical and mental health.

With AIWO by your side, you can prevent common and preventable conditions such as fatty liver, insulin resistance, PCOS, diabetes, heart disease, IBS, GERD and a variety of other widespread lifestyle-induced metabolic conditions.

AIWO is your trusted guide and facilitator in your journey towards preventing and reversing metabolic disease, enhancing your physical and mental performance and achieving peak health.