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The nurses were really polite, and professional. I felt free to clarify my doubts. The overall approach was really good.
Very professional team, very supportive staff. I would definetely recommend Aiwo. Good job.
An excellent team of medical proffesionals was sent to my house for the home blood test. Very comfortable experience. Thorough explanations were given well enough.
I was actually very scared about the test, but the staff supported me very well. They made me feel relaxed and tension free. Thank you team Aiwo
Wonderful set up. It is a beautiful centre to visit. The test was worth it. Learned a lot from here.
I was skeptical about going for an online test, but I was glad I went for it. The services were very quick, easy and the entire place was blooming with positivity. Way to go.
They have a very specialised team who understands the value of time. At the same time they took special care to make me at ease and comfortable. Very happy with the experience.
Attractive infrastructure, specialised labs, latest equipments, and tools. The doctors are really easy going and free to talk to. What more can i say about this place. Thank you for the wondeful experience.
My experience with aiwo healthcare was very good in terms of the service they have provided. A very co-operative staff, really patient and compassionate, made me feel calm. Quick responses, and was always helpful.
Pioneers of next generation hospitality services. I was surprised to see the staff on time who was very patient and flexible with my needs. Was definitely a great experience.



Our products are designed and developed by a team of scientists guided by world class experts in the area of preventive healthcare and wellness.


Our tests are performed at CAP accredited facilities and follow stringent quality control protocols. Our products are manufactured at GMP, ISO, and FDA certified facilities.


Our protocols are personalized based on your test results. Our supplements help in maintaining the key hormones, enzymes, and other biomolecules in the body at optimal levels.

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